Gina (gina80) wrote in meetcaparents,

Seeking a roommate in Hayward.

My name is Gina and I'm a 23 year old single mom with a 2 year old boy. This is my second quarter at Cal State Hayward, the Hayward Campus, and I'm a Liberal Studies major.

I'm looking for a roommate who is also a single mom with one or two children up to 4 years old.

Non-smoking, non-drinking, drug-free. Reasonably clean/neat. No drama, please. I'm looking for a nice, quiet person who isn't going to bring trashy people in or dump her kids to go out partying all night. Sorry to sound like a bitch, but I am a mom and I do like to feel safe in my own home. I'm looking for someone who feels the same, so if you've read this paragraph and felt angry or resentful, you are probably not the person I'm looking for.

Sorry, no pets (they aren't allowed).

Now, I'm also looking for someone who wants to be a real support system for each other, not just share the same space. I hope that we will baby-sit each other's kids and so on. My son is in daycare and I hate it. I work from home so I only need baby-sitting while in classes. I'm willing to baby-sit up to two kids, within reason. I'm a former daycare provider. I worked for almost two years at a daycare center with children under 6 years old.

The apartment is about a 10 minute walk from the Hayward campus. I usually walk, thus saving on parking.

There are three bedrooms in the apartment. I already use the two smaller ones. You may have the larger room, which comes with a full bath. There are two twin beds, but no other furniture. There is a closet with a fair amount of space.

It is a ground floor apartment in a single-storey building. No stairs at all. The apartment is childproof. No balconies or glass doors. Wood floors all over, no carpet, which makes for easy cleanup. Washer and drier. There is a courtyard used by all six apartments in the complex, which has a nice grassy area and a children's playset. It is completely enclosed and very safe, you can only enter through one of the apartments. There is no garage, but a parking lot.

I have basic cable tv and broadband internet, both of which you are welcome to use. I don't have a computer for you though, sorry. You will have to pay your own phone bills but may use my line.

I'm asking only $250/mo, so you see it is very CHEAP!!! My main reason for seeking a roommate is swapping childcare and getting money to cover some household expenses. I don't pay rent myself so I don't care much about it.

That's all! If interested please contact me. Leave a message on my journal or here.

Thanks for reading.
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