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Meet California Parents

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Meet California Parents

This community is for any parent in California who wishes to meet others. By meet I mean not chatting online, but meeting in real life.

A lot of parents are isolated and don't have any friends who are also parents. Or maybe you just moved to the area and don't know anyone. Or maybe you are starting a playgroup and can't find enough members. You may even seek roommates. No matter the reason, you may join this community to locate people like yourself. Grandparents and nannies are also welcome.

This community is moderated. There are two reasons. One is to combat spam. The other is no prevent identifying information from being posted in a public forum, which is a very dangerous thing and should not be done by anyone.

Community Rules
* Respect all members. Intolerance, flames, and put-downs will get you banned.
* No spam of any kind. If it does not have to do with finding parents in CA, do not post it. You may, of course, advertise communities that are playgroups in CA or are for meeting parents in CA.
* No personals! This is not a love/dating/marriage site.
* Do not post personal messages or off topic discussion. No petitions, local happenings, or anything of the sort. The only things you may post are requests for people in your area to contact you, replies to other people's posts, and advertisements for parents' groups in CA (as stated above).
* Do not post identifying information such as phone numbers, home addresses, addresses of workplace or school. To tell us where you live, give the city name if the city is small, or a well-known intersection or place (such as a mall or college campus) plus the city if your city is very large or if you are looking for parents extremely close by.
* We prefer that you do not post pictures here. If you do, you must put them behind an lj cut tag.

If you need assistance, contact Sara ladysarajade