x0sweetkissesx0 (x0sweetkissesx0) wrote in meetcaparents,


hi! my name is melissa, im 20 and married with 2 kids. our son is 2 and our daughter is 8 months. i was born and raised in IL and that is where we live now but my hubby was born and raised in northern california and we lived there for about 8 months (2002-2003) and then i got "home"sick so we moved back to IL but are currently planning to move back to CA and STAY this time because we both miss it soooo much. id love to get to know some mommys in the area so when we get there (early 2005) i can know some local mommys.

my journal is "friends only" but im always loving to add new people to my list so just leave me a comment if youd like to be added =)
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